The Quick Commuter’s Guide to the Weekend Movie Releases – 10th Oct 2014

No time? Unsure about what to see at the cinema this weekend? Look no further.

There are three films being released nationwide:

The Rewrite

Comedy (maybe). Romance (cheesy).

Hugh Grant plays a washed-up screenwriter. He meets a girl.

Fact to impress – First Grant rom-com for 5 years.

Wife/Girlfriend/Date? – Yes – take her and she’ll love you.

Husband/Boyfriend/Date? – If you want to test his commitment.

Kids? – Hugh Grant is old – no.

Mates? – Slushy nonsense – no.

Worth the ticket price? – If its your thing.


Horror (scary dolls).

Vintage doll comes to life.

Fact to impress – The leading female actress is also called Annabelle. Spooky.

Wife/Girlfriend/Date? – Lots of grabbing your arm.

Husband/Boyfriend/Date? – If you want to see if he is a scaredy-cat.

Kids? – If you are a sadist.

Mates? – Good laugh.

Worth the ticket price? – If you liked The Conjuring.

The Maze Runner

Action (teenage-aimed). Thriller (if you are 14). Mystery (its about a Maze).

Young boys in the middle of a maze for no reason. Want to get out. Consequences.

Fact to impress – Sequels 2 and 3 are already planned.

Wife/Girlfriend/Date? – It’s a bit of a boy film.

Husband/Boyfriend/Date? – If he’s 14 and/or Hunger Games fan.

Kids? – Yes.

Mates? – Not if you’re over 17.

Worth the ticket price? – If you enjoy the teenage fantasy fad or you have a maze fetish.

Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise) is out to rent or buy if you fancy a night in. It’s great.