Interstellar & Inception: The 6 Similarities You Can’t Deny [SPOILERS]

Interstellar has finally arrived and it is exploding our brains, or at least our eardrums. Read the Interstellar Movie Review HERE!

Sporting Director Christopher Nolan’s trademark style of epic tales told from personal perspectives, the movie seems a natural companion piece to Inception. 

But the similarities go a bit more specific than that in 6 distinct ways. Take a look…

6. Michael Caine playing Professor Father Figure

Michael Caine in Interstellar (left) and Inception (right).
Michael Caine in Interstellar (left) and Inception (right).

In Interstellar Michael Caine plays Amelia’s father and Cooper’s ex-professor at NASA.

In Inception Michael Caine plays Cobb’s father and is also professor, shown above at the front of a lecture hall.

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5. A Male lead (name beginning with C), a Female sidekick (A) and a Female relative (M)

Cooper and Amelia in Interstellar (left), Cobb and Ariadne in Inception (right).
Cooper and Amelia in Interstellar (left), Cobb and Ariadne in Inception (right).

In Interstellar the main character is Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his sidekick is Amelia (Anne Hathaway). The plot is anchored by Cooper’s desperate relationship with his daughter, Murph (Jessica Chastain).

In Inception the main character is Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his sidekick is Ariadne (Ellen Page). The plot is anchored by Cobb’s splintered relationship with his dead wife Mal (Marion Cotillard).

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4. Time stretching/contracting

Interstellar and Inception Tim stretching

In Interstellar, Cooper and Amelia visit a planet so close to a black hole that time is contracted, meaning every few minutes they spend on the planet there are decades simultaneously passing on earth. Upon re-entry to the orbiting shuttle, they meet their now-elderly crew member who had been waiting for their return for 27 years.

In Inception our protagonists have the freedom of time as they burrow deeper into lower levels of dreaming. The lowest level – ‘limbo’ – allows you to spend lifetimes down there while only a minute passes here in reality.

3. Strange kinda-Earth-like worlds

Unfortunately, an image of Interstellar's odd new world cannot be had as of yet.
Inception‘s ‘limbo’. Unfortunately, an image of Interstellar‘s odd new world cannot yet be found. (Damn anti-piracy…)

In Interstellar, Cooper wakes up to find himself on Earth. But is it Earth? There’s green grass, a baseball game… Oh wait. The land is twisting upon itself like a goddam curl of hair.

In Inception, Cobb shows Ariadne the world he built with his wife in ‘limbo’. There are buildings, there is ocean, he has a home – but it all seems a little bit different. More DEPRESSING.

2. Protagonist sprung from purgatory when escape seemed impossible

'Everything feels a bit weird, guys...'
‘Everything feels a bit weird, guys…’

In Interstellar, Cooper is literally trapped in a black hole. There seems absolutely no way out, not even by fiddling with a little watch across space and time. Has Nolan written himself into a corner (or an infinite 5th dimension)? No. Cooper wakes up minutes later in a hospital bed, absolutely fine. Problem solved. 

Was Inception‘s ending a dream? How on earth did Cobb escape ‘limbo’ and find himself awake back on the plane in reality? His chances seemed extremely slim only a few minutes ago…

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1. Resolution Deathbed Scene

Inception's Hospital Bed Scene
Is this Interstellar or Inception? I can’t tell.

The climax of Interstellar involves Cooper finally setting eyes on his now elderly beloved daughter Murph just one more time. She forgives her Dad for leaving her as a child, giving Cooper the strength to set out and find Amelia. He leaves the room before she passes away…

The climax of Inception builds to a tender scene by a hospital bed of Fischer’s (Cillian Murphy) dying Dad, where Fischer manages to find peace and strength from his old man’s words right before he passes away…

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6 GREAT Straight Performances by Gay Actors

Awards Season – a time when straight actors playing gay characters have had a fruitful time collecting accolades, presumably because its SO DAMN HARD to ‘play gay’. From Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club to Sean Penn in Milk to Colin Firth in A Single Man, it seems like a good route to go down if you want to bank a gong.

But what about the other way round? Is it not hard for a gay actor to play straight?

Here are 6 Actors who gave us totally great straight performances.

Neil Patrick Harris

1/6: Neil Patrick Harris – Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

Barney is a womaniser and a good one at that. In fact, NPH plays it so well that viewers didn’t realise he was gay until quite a few seasons in…

Zachary Quinto

2/6: Zachary Quinto – Spock in The Star Trek Franchise

Spock is a bad-ass. He’s a head fricken’ honcho on the star-ship Enterprise. He also has time to get jiggy with Zoe Saldana’s Uhura…


3/6: Ellen Page – Juno in Juno

The whole point of Juno in Juno is that Juno has got knocked up by Paulie Bleeker, played by Michael Cera. Ellen Page does great in playing pregnant and straight. OSCAR PLEASE.


4/6: Jodie Foster – Penelope Longstreet in Carnage

Penelope is a long-married woman who often bickers with her husband. Jodie Foster has no experience of bickering with a husband, and so this performance is up there with the best. Can someone get this woman a Lifetime Achievement Award?

Aaron Samuel

5/6: Jonathan Bennett – Aaron Samuel in Mean Girls

The whole of Mean Girls kinda revolves around the heart throb Aaron Samuels. Who would have thought the actor was gay when he plays the alluring lady-charmer so well? Acting.


6/6: Cynthia Nixon –  Miranda in Sex and the City

Many a time the viewers have watched Miranda having sex with guys in the show. She must’ve really had to force the performance in those scenes…

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