7 Modern Movie Classics from 2014

*Sigh*. 2014 has passed – another 12 months of movies, some amazing, some terrible…

An entire year never fails to provide us with the full spectrum of quality, as we movie-goers wade through the filth in order to reach a glorious gem once a month if we are lucky.

In 2014 there were 7 movies that we will remember in years to come for challenging us, confusing us, and for just being amazing…

7. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Max

Why? Because it surprised us all by not being terrible. In fact, it was ridiculously funny, by offering the most ‘I don’t care’ attitude along with the most perfectly engineered comedy to create a perfect blend.

6. Nightcrawler

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Why? Because it reminded us how good Jake Gyllenhall can be when he doesn’t just play the cute wide-eyed guy.

5. The Raid 2: Berendal

The Raid 2

Why? Because it gave us the most manic final 30 minutes of any movie in recent memory, within which the ‘Boss’ fight was excruciatingly and beautifully graphic.

4. Interstellar

Interstellar Cry

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Why? Because love it or hate it, Interstellar challenged us with it’s concepts and ambition more than any movie since Christopher Nolan’s previous epic – Inception. And through it all he gave us an entertaining ride we won’t forget – especially if you saw it in IMAX!

3. Boyhood


Why? Because it gave us the chance to experience a form of film making (and viewing) never before attempted. It also gave Richard Linklater the recognition he constantly deserves for orchestrating such an epic shoot so successfully. Hopefully the Academy will mark his and the cast’s efforts with some awards…

2. Jimmy’s Hall

Jimmy's Hall

Why? Because Ken Loach, on his (supposed) last film, reminded us why he is the king of social drama. Who else could elicit such emotion from a creaky old dance hall? Who else could coax such accomplished performances from amateurs?

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel


Why? Because Wes Anderson finally charmed a broader mainstream audience with a frenetic story and stately time period that suited him perfectly, while not being overly zany or impenetrably off-the-wall. It also introduced Ralph Fiennes to us as a serious comedic force.

And 2 That Missed Out…

Gone Girl

Gone Girl Roasmund

Why? Because while Gone Girl was special, it is almost to be expected from David Fincher nowadays. The term ‘classic’ must be reserved for his next Zodiac or Seven. 

Guardians of the Galaxy


Why? Because yeah it was fun, but it will be lost in the sea of comic-book mania come 2020.


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Top 5 Contemporary Vampire Comedies

The vampire corner of the horror genre has lent itself to some of the best dramatic movies of recent times; Let the Right One In being the ultimate example.

But can vampires be funny? Is sucking people’s blood really that hilarious? Apparently.

Our resident guru on all things fanged (??), Renu, gives us a rundown of the Top 5.

5. Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

Cirque Du Freak Reilly Hutcherson

Okay okay – so it’s more action than comedy and a little gut wrenching at times, but it is still pretty funny. This movie follows a teenage boy turned vampire’s assistant as a consequence of stealing the vampire’s pet spider.

Based on the book series by the same name written by Darren Shan, it’s worth the watch, ticking all the boxes of a good gory vampire movie and starring a young Josh Hutcherson as the boy alongside his master John C. Reilly (guaranteeing laughs).

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4. Dark Shadows


With the movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, you can pretty much guess it’s directed by the legendary Tim Burton. This retro remake of the old TV show is about a vampire (Depp) brought out of his coffin and into the 70’s. Returning to his home, Depp’s character comically adjusts to life with TVs, music and his dysfunctional descendants.

3. Vampires Suck


This infamous spoof of Twilight was all the rage back when it first came out. With a great cast, this comedy exploits the teen Saga, emphasising all its faults like any good parody – particularly the sparkling vampire concept. With a musical number and Chihuahuas, it just keeps getting better – Hallelujah (it’s raining men)!

The 1 Reason Why Twilight is better than The Hunger Games…

2. Vampire Academy

vampire academy

It’s not even supposed to be a comedy, but if the shoe fits, right? Following the story of two girls, Lissa and Rose, in a quest to save their clan from the evil grasps of the opposing vampire race, what could’ve been an action film with two strong female leads is now a disaster and had me in tears of disappointed shock. If you’ve read the book by the same name and loved it, don’t watch the movie!

1. What We Do In The Shadows

Following the behind-the-scenes life of three vampires living together, this ‘documentary style’ film plays up the weird and wonderful supernatural powers vampires have, portraying them as regular human beings… who are just dead – or undead. Yet to be officially released, this is an absolute gem you must catch if you can.

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New Indoor Tracking Reminiscient of Minority Report

It’s always fun when real life catches up with future-based cinema. Soon, Blade Runner’s 2019 will come and go without a flying car in sight. (Probably.)

It all gets a bit spooky, though, when future-based cinema gets things right.

Well, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s Minority Report may have got something right.

Wired Magazine have reported developments in new ‘Indoor Tracking Technology’ by a UK company called SiRFusion, which will help people navigate buildings and shops, just like a lot of us already use online maps to navigate roads.

The system could map out a shopping mall, for instance, and point you in the right direction of particular stores. Fancy a bite to eat? Get directions to the food court.

SiRFusion in action, with a map of the entire mall.
SiRFusion in action, with a map of the entire mall.

The Minority similarities begin with the system’s potential for tracking individuals. In the movie we see a system of eye scanners everywhere, even in shops. Considering this is used to check where someone is at all times, it’s no surprise Tom Cruise’s rebellious character John Anderton is often evading the scanner’s gaze.

With the real life navigation system there is a requirement to be connected to mobile data and WiFi to unlock its benefits. But if SiRFusion can tell you where to go within the distance of a metre, that means it can tell where you are. 

This means that as well as the manufacturers selling off information about consumerism, they could even disclose information to Police over the whereabouts of a particular person before they committed a crime, or became a victim of a crime. Just like in Minority Report. 

This would be a small step from the information and usage data the likes of Facebook and Twitter sell to the highest bidder every day in order to derive our habits as a society.

Things get even more Minority Report-like when you consider the prospects for personalised advertising similar to that seen in the movie. Touched upon by Wired Magazine in the source article, there are huge prospects for shops to notify you of in-store deals when you enter a mall, or for billboards to change to a specific advertisement from a selection depending on your age, gender and shopping habits. 

Ultimately the system should become useful for everyone, but it doesn’t stop the accuracy of Minority Report‘s forecast being a bit spooky, and highly commendable. Bravo, Steven.