5 Things Pulp Fiction Taught Us: Lessons From The Movies

The much-loved Pulp Fiction turns 20 today. How time flies, huh?

Quentin Tarantino’s magnum opus is a veritable gospel to all corners of life; from those hit-men down the street to the gimp in the corner shop to the much-robbed diner nearby. It therefore has a lot of lessons that you would do well to learn in order to succeed in life.

Here are the Top 5.

1/5: If you want to look good dancing, dance weird. 

2/5: If you want to stop a robbery, babble on about pretty much anything.

3/5: If you want to shoot someone in your car, set aside a whole day to clean it. 

4/5: If you want to hide a family heirloom in a war-zone, hide it up your ass. 

5/5: If you want to pull off a ludicrous hairstyle, recite the Bible with passion. 

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5 Ways To Avoid Catching Ebola: Lessons From The Movies

Ebola is becoming a common term in our day-to-day lives. This horror-virus is beginning to creep to all corners of the world, despite efforts of international governments.

Nobody wants to get Ebola, right? So how do we avoid getting it? There’s only one place to look – virus movies. Here are 5 top tips we can learn from them.

This absolutely is not a guide on how to avoid Ebola. Please take this article with the lightness it was intended. 

1/5: 28 Days Later


Movie: An adrenaline-fueled trek through infected Britain with Cillian Murphy.

What we can learn: Run like an absolute madman and lob petrol bombs behind you. Preferably in hospital clothing.

2/5: I Am Legend

Movie: Will Smith attempts to survive as the last man on an infected Earth.

What we can learn: Play golf, build yourself a high-tech security home, don’t go crazy and start shooting mannequins.

3/5: Right At Your Door

Right At Your Door Duct Tape

Movie: Los Angeles is under attack by toxic bombs.

What we can learn: Wrap all your windows in bin bags and don’t let your wife back in from her grocery shop.

4/5: Contagion

Movie: A lot of famous actors get very sick very quick.


5/5: Bug


Movie: Paranoid drifter is convinced he and his one-night-stand have a bug infestation. Turns out he is delusional.

What we can learn: Make sure there is actually a threat first before going crazy.

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