Q: What the hell is a Movie Masticator?

A: Mastication means chewing, so a Movie Masticator is something that chews up movies. If you don’t believe me, click here. 

Q: What is MovieMasticator.com?

A: MovieMasticator.com is an online movie criticism blog. Find movie news, features and reviews here!

Q: How can I get involved?

You can follow @MovieMasticator on Twitter

You can like Movie Masticator on Facebook

You can email moviemasticator@gmail.com

You can scream from the top of a mountain

Q: What the hell do your star ratings mean?

A: Star ratings are made out of 5. Here is a breakdown of what each means:

1 = A crushingly, offensively bad film.
2 = Not worth your time.
3 = Average/good – maybe wait for the DVD.
4 = Good/Great – well worth making the time for.
5 = Essential viewing – see it at all costs.

Films are reviewed and rated in relation to counterparts within the same genre, for the same target audience, and/or by the same director.


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