Anyone else not ‘GET’ Star Wars?

I don’t get why people love Star Wars. 

It has been a chink in my film-loving armour ever since I self-diagnosed the disease by re-watching the original trilogy in my later teens.

My fears were confirmed – I just don’t ‘get’ Star Wars. I don’t get the hype or the fandom, and I don’t really like it that much.

Why were they fears? Because I really want to love it. Everyone has those movies, franchises, directors etc. that just ‘aren’t for them’. Mine just happens to be arguably the most popular movie franchise of all time.

If not the most popular, then at least the marker against which geek-film-lovers are measured. How much you really love Star Wars is a constant psychological battle between nerds – a common way to judge the passion of a film-goer. And I always lose.

It’s a bit like telling someone you love a sport, but then when they ask ‘Who do you support?’ you say

‘Oh, no one. I just…like watching it.’

That inquisitor suddenly deflates – I am not talking to someone of real sporting passion.

My stance has begun to feel very isolated. That isolation has grown synonymously with the anticipation for the upcoming instalment: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. 

The entirety of geek-dom is dribbling into their cereal every morning as they daydream about what could happen to…whoever it is the film is about this time. I’m lost in the chronology. 

The daunting breadth of the mythology.
The daunting breadth of the mythology.

Anyone else want Seth Rogen to just STOP?

I re-watched A New Hope last week to try and re-acquaint myself, to defibrillate some love…but it was not to be.

My lack of affection is not for the want of trying. I feel as though I have watched the franchise, the original trio at least, as often as I have watched any other that I love, never mind show indifference towards.

Lord of the Rings? Perfect. I’ll watch them all. Extended. I’ll bathe in the nerd-ness.

Star Wars? Meh. Lightsabers are cool, Vader is as iconic as any character in movie history and the franchise lends its material to some of the funniest YouTube movie-mash-ups made to date.

But what is with the opening crawl? Is it just me who thinks it is ugly, and an incredibly boring way to start a film? What happened to show me, don’t tell me?

And why is it so confusing? Who knows who? Where are we now? Why has he got a spiky head? Where are these furry things coming from? What is my name?

Watching the movies is a very disillusioning experience for me. The irritating thing is, I can hardly even explain it. It barely boils down to reason or logic. 

Jurassic World Trailer: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives

Looking ahead, there are glimmers of positivity.

Director of Episode VII J.J. Abrams is a crowd pleaser. He brought Star Trek to a new generation and rebooted the Mission: Impossible franchise, among other things. If I’m ever going to like the franchise, The Force Awakens is the time. 

Here’s to honesty.

Am I alone? Does anyone else not ‘get’ Star Wars, or another huge franchise? Let us know via

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