Why The Hunger Games Isn’t Strictly Feminist

I’m sick of ‘feminist roles’ being all about fighting.

It’s great to see a woman kick-butt. Katniss from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 released this weekend, Ripley from Alien, Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass, Michelle Rodriquez in basically everything she is in… It gives you a 21st Century fizz of satisfaction as you experience how far gender equality has come.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for more. And by we I mean men, AS WELL as women.

What feminism fights for, what we strive for, is equality. In Hollywood – women need to have access to the same pantheon of roles that men do.

Guys own action films. Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, the millions of male Marvel superheroes – they are all handsome, funny and with a good pair of hams to punch with. It is important for women to have access to those roles too, so don’t get me wrong – Katniss, The Hunger Games…it’s great.

But it’s not enough.

Just bein' a guy.
Just bein’ a guy.

What about all the other roles that men get?

The Wolfof Wall Street (above). The Lincoln Lawyers. Any space for a gal in those 12 Angry Men?

Women are confined to fighting or loving or being stupid or being a supporting role.

Men get to fight, love, cry, be serious, be lawyers, accountants, slobs, office workers, pot heads, geniuses… Everything. They have the freedom to stretch and represent anyone – ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Where are the female lawyers? (Please leave now if you think it’s Legally Blonde.) Where are the female slobs? The female bosses?

We need more Carrie Mathesons of Homeland. She’s all over the place emotionally but she gets it done, through brains and brawn. 

We need more Hermione Grangers. Intelligent, can fend for herself, but is vulnerable. Because what’s wrong with a bit of vulnerability? Ron is vulnerable, right? Men get to be vulnerable, right? It’s not called inequality when a man is vulnerable.

We need more Devils who Wear Prada. Because what’s wrong with accepting women like fashion?

Feminism in Hollywood shouldn’t be about women getting all the masculine fighting roles. It shouldn’t be about women running from their true nature and interests. It shouldn’t mean a woman either fights or just lives for men.

It should be about broadening their range to anything, strong or weak, dumb or intelligent, pawn or king (…queen). It should be about embracing their interests, operating in their own girly arena of girl stuff.

Why try and be all manly all the time? That’s just not equality.

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