Interstellar: The Unanswered Non-Sciency Questions

Stared into the wormhole that is Interstellar and found a lot of plot-holes hiding down there? Or maybe you are just confused that a wormhole is an actual scientific thing and not something in your garden?

Interstellar certainly isn’t an easy ride for the regular movie-goer used to airy blockbusters with no narrative nutrition (Read the review HERE!). It leaves a lot of questions whizzing round your head as the credits whizz up the (IMAX?) screen.

Forget physicists, scientists and your granddad’s theories on the movie’s plausibility. Here are 5 questions all normal people are asking:

5. Why did Matt Damon want to kill Cooper?

Matt Damon took a strange route to getting off his planet. He decided to lie to his visitors for a day or two before taking Cooper to a precipice and cracking his helmet, all so he can take the ship to safety. Nice one Matt, you ended up exploding the ship, yourself, and in the process making sure no one can get home. Thanks.

4. Why did Cooper choose to knock the books in exactly the same way when in the 5th dimension?

Because he’d already done it.

‘But he hadn’t because he did it later on in the story?’

Yes but the younger Cooper had already seen the older Cooper knock the books so it had to happen the same.

‘Yes but…’

No. Please no. My brain is hurting.

3. Why did the tractors move at the beginning of the film?

The books fell off the shelf because Cooper was in a black hole pushing them, but why did the tractors move by themselves? Did Cooper fancy pushing a few tractors from his infinite 5th dimension?

2. The whole watch morse-code thing…

It wouldn’t be a 5-minute job communicating the most complex quantum theory ever devised by mankind via not only morse-code, but morse-code translated from the flicking second-hand of a wrist-watch. Surely old Murph must have stopped herself about 3 months in and questioned her sanity, hunched over an old, dusty clock.

1. How did Cooper fall into a black hole and survive?

Apparently the temperature surrounding a black hole can be hundreds of millions of degrees. But he just did ok?! It’s Matthew McConaughey – who’s gonna argue with him? Not me.

In all seriousness – maybe the whole ending of the movie was a dream? See Inception for a similar trick by Nolan. Speaking of which, here are 6 Similarities between Interstellar and Inception that you can’t deny…

Got the answers to any of these conundrums? 

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