Interstellar: The IMAX Review [NO SPOILERS]

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Interstellar has been released on every platform imaginable (bar 3D), from 4K digital to 35mm film. So is it worth IMAX’s higher ticket price?

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In a word – yes.

The visuals from cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema are stunning and were literally intended for the IMAX experience; Interstellar has the most 70mm IMAX footage of any movie in history.

What is IMAX? A taller image. An IMAX screen is almost as tall as it is wide, and Director Christopher Nolan used film stock specifically for these dimensions in order to experience the movie’s world in an unbeatable fashion. 

A lot of the movie plays out with normal dimensions of a cinema screen, but when the movie flips to IMAX footage you see the black bars disappear from the top and bottom, the image flooding your vision for mind-blowing moments such as the journey through a wormhole and the descent into a black hole. These changes in image size, or ‘aspect ratio’, are rarely noticeable as you become immersed in the storytelling.

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Another element is the sound. Interstellar is full of gut-wrenching audio helping you to experience the writhing of the space shuttle and the scale of the planets, but IMAX also allows you to experience the quiet moments of the movie. The clarity of sound is such that the silent moments floating in space feel as empty as intended, rather than being spoiled by buzz or whirr.

Furthermore, Hans Zimmer’s score must be experienced at IMAX. Offering powerfully fragile melodies in moments of gargantuous action and emotion is an enlightening change from deep, bassy and orchestral scores. The soundtrack is gentle, magnificent and brooding and every minutia of it must be heard.

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So no 3D like the similarly incredible space-set Gravity? It works. For all the sophistication of Gravity it was at heart a roller-coaster ride; an unbearable and claustrophobic experiment of a movie playing amongst flying debris and safety cords. It was designed and ideal for 3D in the best possible sense.

With Interstellar there must be no gimmicks or novelty and such it is fit for IMAX. Nolan wants us to experience space exploration with the cold hand of reality on our shoulder, rather than with the diverting spectacle of unnatural 3D images. Both movies are different and perfect for their chosen mediums.

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