Interstellar: The Movie Review [NO SPOILERS]

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Interstellar is unlike any movie experience you will have ever had or will have have for some time.

The scale of the movie’s premise, visuals and story are unmatched even by Christopher Nolan himself.

Inception was ambitious, large and brave, but Interstellar almost makes it look ordinary and bankable.

Interstellar will not be for everyone. Nolan tries his best to condense complex quantum physics into sweet popcorn chunks and essentially succeeds; using character’s drawings and at one point a metaphor about oysters to convey the basic theory required.

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But however delicately these points are fed to the viewers it will always alienate some. Not to distinguish between the intelligence of one viewer compared to another, but to distinguish between what one viewer is willing to give over another, as well as what they expect to get.

Interstellar can and will be loved, but only by those who are willing to give to it their time (170 minutes), their concentration and their faith in the credibility of the underlying science, as well as those who are expecting the movie’s depth and complexity.

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Yes, Nolan has built a diverting, safe and fluffy blockbuster shell for a bogglingly complex premise, dressing up black holes, wormholes and time relativity with gripping thrills and a tender love story, but some viewers can be forgiven for peeking through the facade and being put off by the underlying intricacies – even if they don’t rise to the screen.

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Summary: Interstellar is not easy-going. Do not devote your date night, friday night, whatever night, to it without being aware of what the movie demands. If you throw yourself into it you will reap huge satisfaction. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

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