How Kevin Spacey Is Shaping The Future Of The Industry

Kevin Spacey is a game changer. Literally.

In 2 years he has accomplished 2 projects that will be remembered as pioneering change in the industry. 

In 2013 there was House of Cards – a Television Drama that was the first original content to be released solely via a streaming platform; Netflix. The show was a huge success, winning countless Emmy’s, success that has paved the way for further Hollywood giants to take a paddle in the warm, creatively stimulating waters of television.

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The second is the new instalment in the Call of Duty video-gaming canon – Advanced Warfare.

Spacey, using motion capture techniques similar to those used on Andy Serkis to create Gollum, stars in the war-based game as ‘Irons’ – a Governmental figure with an aggressive outlook on global affairs. (The trailer for the game is at the bottom of this article, showing Spacey’s mo-cap character in all its glory).

‘This is an opportunity to do something that nobody had done.’ – Kevin Spacey

Spacey has commented on how he was employed to not just play the role but to develop the character and assist the writing process. With his involvement, Spacey was endowing respect to a medium largely ignored by famed actors in the past.

It’s moves like this, and moves like his role in House of Cards, that shape the industry of the future.

The rise of on-demand entertainment was inevitable, but without Kevin Spacey’s involvement (and a little bit of help from David Fincher), the credibility of Netflix and other streaming services would have stalled for further years.

Netflix is now entering the world of original film production, partly due to the success of House of Cards. 

Spacey’s involvement in Call of Duty could potentially provoke gaming to evolve in a similar way – helping it to be considered a medium for storytelling equal to that of film and television in years to come.

‘Where the gaming world is going is being willing to push and bend and move in a new direction of actually capturing the character, and storytelling.’ – Kevin Spacey

Hats off to Kevin, who at 55 years old is interacting with platforms that his younger peers daren’t touch.

Where do you think the fusion between film-making and gaming will be in ten years?

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As promised, here is the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.