The Avengers vs. Justice League – who will win?

Marvel have just announced their superhero movie slate from now until the third Avengers instalment. Along with Warner Bros’ DC Comics announcement, we can now see how the big ensemble movies of each franchise face-off

November 17th 2017 Justice League Part 1
May 4th 2018 Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
May 3rd 2019 Avengers: Infinity War Part 2
June 14th 2019 Justice League Part 2

Warner Bros. have managed to flag Justice League Part 2 as the last movie between the two. This is a position that could be potentially fatalAvengers could come and blow the bar sky-high while Justice League is waiting in the wings, making the prospect of Justice League Part 2 uninviting, or worse – seem tame in comparison.

If we aren’t all sick of superheroes by 2019 we might be sick of split movies. Avengers may escape this inevitable swell of public-opinion against the multi-part-ers, sneaking in before Justice League: Part 2 rolls around a month later.

One of the interesting Marvel announcements was for Captain Marvel - their first lead female superhero.
One of the interesting Marvel announcements was for Captain Marvel – their first lead female superhero.

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What are interesting are the dates chosen for Justice League. Booked for November 2017 and June 2019, there is a whole 20 months between Part 1 and 2. Compared to the Avengers’ 12 months (and the usual 12-month gap of other famous multi-parters) it seems positively sluggish.

Never mind the fact that releasing such a huge Superhero blockbuster like Justice League Part 1 in November and not Summer is potentially unwise.

The reasoned Marvel approach of two May releases seems to look like the solid schedule of the pair, ensuring audiences will not lose interest or get confused over the dates.

It also must not be forgotten that Marvel have earned their fan-base for over a decade come 2019, while DC will have only been aiming to impress for a meagre 3 years. This may be a factor when audiences choose whom to squeeze their remaining superhero enthusiasm towards.

Between now and June 2019 there will be at least 25 comic-book movie releases. Don’t ask me which or when – being able to muster energy for Black Panther in November 2017 is about as likely as me becoming an actual panther.

It’s begs the question: Will we still be interested in superheroes come Justice League Part 1 in November 2017, never mind Part 2 in 2019? Not forgetting the two Avengers movies in between. If the answer is no – we won’t care, then it looks as if both franchises will be losers.

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