#IfICouldTimeTravel: What would YOU do? – The 4 Things We Love About Time-Loop Movies

If you could live one moment in your past again, what would it be? Share your idea using the hastag #IfICouldTimeTravel and tag us @MovieMasticator – we’ll select the best and post them up soon!

You are walking in your school corridor. At the opposite end you spot the girl/guy of your dreams. The seconds are agonising as you draw closer to one another; the significance of avoiding each others eyes. Your vicinities merge momentarily… You know you have one, maximum two, seconds to make an impression. You open your mouth:


Have you ever dreamt of being able to re-live a moment and change your actions? Score the goal, kiss the childhood sweetheart, think before you speak?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible in the real world. But Hollywood can provide us with this fantasy – we can live it vicariously through our heroes – in time-loop movies.

Time-travel movies are not a new thing - 1960's The Time Machine
Time-travel movies are not a new thing – 1960’s The Time Machine

Time-loop movies are where characters travel back in time, sometimes minutes, to moments very recent in their own lives or the lives of significant others.

Here are the 4 things we love about time-loop movies…

1/4: Multiple chances to be perfect

In About Time, Domhnall Gleeson’s character uses his abilities to make love to Rachel McAdams enough times until he gets it just right…

2/4: Cherishing every detail, or having hindsight while you can still change the course of events

In Source Code, Jake Gyllenhaal gathers information over multiple visits to the same train journey in order to find and stop a terrorist. Easy peasy.

Groundhog Day
Suicide attempts in Groundhog Day

3/4: Immortality for us and our loved ones

In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray attempts to kill himself due to boredom and mania but cannot do it. The day just keeps on resetting. On the other hand he doesn’t EVER age so…swings and roundabouts, Bill.

4/4: The key to anyone’s heart

In Deja Vu Denzel Washington has the chance to fall in love with someone who is already dead. Great.

What moment would you live over and over again until you got it right? That school dance? That exam? That sports game?

Share your idea using the hastag #IfICouldTimeTravel and tag us @MovieMasticator we’ll select the best and post them up soon! 

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