6 GREAT Straight Performances by Gay Actors

Awards Season – a time when straight actors playing gay characters have had a fruitful time collecting accolades, presumably because its SO DAMN HARD to ‘play gay’. From Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club to Sean Penn in Milk to Colin Firth in A Single Man, it seems like a good route to go down if you want to bank a gong.

But what about the other way round? Is it not hard for a gay actor to play straight?

Here are 6 Actors who gave us totally great straight performances.

Neil Patrick Harris

1/6: Neil Patrick Harris – Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

Barney is a womaniser and a good one at that. In fact, NPH plays it so well that viewers didn’t realise he was gay until quite a few seasons in…

Zachary Quinto

2/6: Zachary Quinto – Spock in The Star Trek Franchise

Spock is a bad-ass. He’s a head fricken’ honcho on the star-ship Enterprise. He also has time to get jiggy with Zoe Saldana’s Uhura…


3/6: Ellen Page – Juno in Juno

The whole point of Juno in Juno is that Juno has got knocked up by Paulie Bleeker, played by Michael Cera. Ellen Page does great in playing pregnant and straight. OSCAR PLEASE.


4/6: Jodie Foster – Penelope Longstreet in Carnage

Penelope is a long-married woman who often bickers with her husband. Jodie Foster has no experience of bickering with a husband, and so this performance is up there with the best. Can someone get this woman a Lifetime Achievement Award?

Aaron Samuel

5/6: Jonathan Bennett – Aaron Samuel in Mean Girls

The whole of Mean Girls kinda revolves around the heart throb Aaron Samuels. Who would have thought the actor was gay when he plays the alluring lady-charmer so well? Acting.


6/6: Cynthia Nixon –  Miranda in Sex and the City

Many a time the viewers have watched Miranda having sex with guys in the show. She must’ve really had to force the performance in those scenes…

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