9 Classic Movie Couples Do #MyLoveLifeIn3Words

You may have seen #MyLoveLifeIn3Words trending on Twitter in the past couple of days. You may have not. Basically it’s a way for people to express their romantic mediocrities in a pithy way so strangers will care.

Let’s do ourselves a favour and hear the versions from lovers we all care about. Here are 9 Classic Movie Couples explaining their love life in 3 words…

The Notebook

1/9: Noah and Allie – The Notebook

Lost In Mail

‘I wrote you every day for a year!’ — ‘Well this is the first I’ve heard of it.’

2 Titanic

2/9: Jack and Rose – Titanic

Room For One

‘Can’t just schooch over there, Rose? No?’ *Bubbles*

 3 Bridget Jones Diary

3/9: Bridget and Mark – Bridget Jones’ Diary

Nearly A Threesome

Sloppy seconds, sloppy thirds, sloppy f… Just do it all together already!

4 Brokeback Mountain

4/9: Ennis and Jack – Brokeback Mountain

Joker Over Catwoman

We now know who Jake Gyllenhaal roots for in Gotham.

5 Twilight Saga

5/9: Edward and Bella – The Twilight Saga

A Bloody Mess

‘Hmm, Vampire or Werewolf – HOW COULD I EVER WANT EITHER OF THEM?!’

6 Forrest Gump

6/9: Forrest and Jenny – Forrest Gump

About Fricken’ Time

‘Yeah I’ll just run the best shrimpin’ boat in the land, be a ping-pong God and meet the President a thousand times – I’ll be waiting.’

7 When Harry Met Sally

7/9: Harry and Sally – When Harry Met Sally

Friend Zone: Defeated

Harry is well and truly a God amongst Men.

05_Flatbed_2 - SEPTEMBER

8/9: Danny and Sandie – Grease

Sandie Gets D

Innocent little Sandie pops her cherry. She got chills. And they are electrifyin’.

9 Dirty Dancing

9/9: Jonny and Baby – Dirty Dancing

Humping In Public

And sometimes just in private on tree trunks.

Can you think of any others? Let the world know via @MovieMasticator!

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