How ‘Friends’ May Save Netflix Decline

The video streaming service Netflix has suffered a big blow on the stock market. Okay, okay – so the stock market is normally a confusing jumble of numbers and information that seems to change whenever it likes and mean nothing.

But here is the simple summary: Netflix as a company was worth a certain amount and in the past few days that value has fallen.

Why? Because they increased their prices; by $1 per month in the US. This has caused some US subscribers to cancel their allegiance, or even just not sign up.

Well today Netflix has made an announcement that may be aiming to repair the damage – the hit US sitcom Friends is to be available on the service from New Years Day. Yes – ALL TEN SEASONS. That’s a lot of video to binge-view.

Netflix Binge

Believe it or not, Friends still has a MASSIVE following and commercial pull. It is still highly watched on Comedy Central in the UK and US, and regarded as a milestone in TV Sitcom Comedy.

Netflix is reaching out to those quitters or non-subscribers. Buying the rights to Friends is a deceptively huge move that they hope will go towards reparations.

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