5 Things Pulp Fiction Taught Us: Lessons From The Movies

The much-loved Pulp Fiction turns 20 today. How time flies, huh?

Quentin Tarantino’s magnum opus is a veritable gospel to all corners of life; from those hit-men down the street to the gimp in the corner shop to the much-robbed diner nearby. It therefore has a lot of lessons that you would do well to learn in order to succeed in life.

Here are the Top 5.

1/5: If you want to look good dancing, dance weird. 

2/5: If you want to stop a robbery, babble on about pretty much anything.

3/5: If you want to shoot someone in your car, set aside a whole day to clean it. 

4/5: If you want to hide a family heirloom in a war-zone, hide it up your ass. 

5/5: If you want to pull off a ludicrous hairstyle, recite the Bible with passion. 

Can you think of any more valuable lessons to learn from Pulp Fiction? Let us know via @MovieMasticator!

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