WATCH: Frodo Gets Thrown Around A Lot in New Trailer for ‘Set Fire to the Stars’

We recently reported how Elijah Wood may be falling under the curse of the ‘big-role’. Maybe he will always be seen as Frodo, and never be able to break from the shadow of Lord of the Rings? He hasn’t done much since to prove otherwise.

This could all change now. A new trailer has been released for Set Fire To The Stars in which he, well, stars.

The movie tells the story of how Elijah’s character John attempts to introduce the rock-star poet Dylan Thomas to America. See for yourself in the trailer below…

As a movie about a poet goes, this one looks pretty exciting and unpredictable. Elijah sure gets thrown about a bit by old Dylan… Here’s hoping he survives the movie.

As of yet the movie has no US release date, and is only scheduled to be released in the UK on the 7th November this year! 

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