WATCH: Robin Williams Looks Flat in New Trailer + Clip for ‘A Merry Friggin Christmas’

Robin Williams, the comedic great, passed away what feels like very recently. The event is still settling in to the public psyche.

As is often the case with the passing of actors, the news is slowly followed by a trickle of work completed shortly before the death. This is no different with Williams, who has a new trailer and clip out today for Merry Friggin’ Christmas, a festive family comedy.

Decide for yourself how the movie looks by watching the trailer below.

You should never judge a film by it’s trailer, but neither should the passing of Robin Williams change the fact that this trailer seems to be promoting a certain type of film we have seen too many times before. For this reason the movie and Robin look flat and unfunny.

There’s hope for Robin yet. You can read here why Heath Ledger’s last movie was his worst.

While we can hope that Williams’ great performances (Good Will Hunting being the prime example) and comedy gigs will continue to be lauded in entertainment history, let’s also hope he isn’t disrespected by critics and audiences alike by being overly-complimented in his posthumous work.

Watch the accompanying clip below, and let us know your thoughts @MovieMasticator.