Read How Gone Girl Sequel Could Be Given The Go-Ahead

Rosamund Pike, who plays victim Amy Dunne in new movie Gone Girl, has come out and said she would be a ‘YES’ for a Gone Girl sequel so long as it was written by the scribe of the book and the first movie, Gillian Flynn.

Pike in Gone Girl
Pike in Gone Girl

‘Only if Gillian [Flynn] wrote it. I don’t like the idea of someone coming in and saying I could get my hand on these characters.’ – Rosamund Pike on Gone Girl sequel

Rosamund clearly feels as though the story is Flynn’s to continue, or not to continue as the case may be.

Gone Girl has lit the Box-Office up with it’s storming figures. Audience’s have been left wowed by the performances and technical brilliance on show.

Something else that was meant to be on show was Ben Affleck’s wiener – well, according to Affleck anyway – but that didn’t turn out to be true (read about the lie expose here). 

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