The Top 5 Funniest Hugh Grant Moments

Hugh Grant used to be our favourite go-to guy for some lovable, foppy, floppy schtick. He’s recently been off the rom-com radar to focus on celebrity phone hacking, but he’s BACK ON this weekend with The Rewrite. (Read about the movie here.)

To re-acquaint ourselves, let’s cast our minds back and remember the Top 5 ‘typically-Hugh-Grant’ Hugh Grant moments.

1/5. About a Boy


Movie: One of Grant’s more heartfelt pics about his relationship with a random boy.

Moment: The boy’s mother has just tried to commit suicide and they are driving to the hospital. The boy and his mother ride in the ambulance up ahead, while show-off Grant carves up the road behind in his flash car, his voice-over saying:

It was horrible. Horrible. But driving fast behind the ambulance was fantastic…

2/5. Four Weddings and a Funeral


Movie: Rom-com classic where Grant seduces Andie MacDowell over the course of five social gatherings.

Moment: Grant sits down next to an elderly party guest and has the following conversation:

Grant: ‘Nice to meet you – I’m Charles’

Old Man: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. Charles has been dead for over 20 years!’

3/5. Notting Hill

Movie: Lowly bookshop owner Grant gets involved with the biggest movie star in the world.

Moment: Watch above as Grant has to interview his lover as if he is a columnist from a horse magazine.

4/5. Love, Actually

love actually

Movie: A star-studded cast falls in and out of love in their own unique way…at Christmas.

Moment: Grant’s Prime Minister hopelessly tries to discuss romantic affairs with his boo over the top of a giant papier-mache head.

5/5. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Movie: Renee Zellweger tries to choose between the posh bloke and the over-sensetive frump.

Moment: Now a moment of movie history, watch above as two uppety Brits have a scrap on the street.

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