WATCH Jennifer Garner’s hilarious response to Ben Affleck’s full frontal in Gone Girl

The internet has been a-frenzy recently over Ben Affleck’s alleged full frontal nudity in his new movie Gone Girl (which you can read our spoiler-free review of here)

Let’s acknowledge that it is alleged, as some people have reported back saying it’s all lies (which you can read about here).

Jennifer Garner – Affleck’s hubby – has now come on The Ellen Show in the US to give her opinion on the matter, and it’s pretty funny.

‘I consider myself a charitable person. You [the audience] give me so much… I just wanted to give something back.’

Well done to the woman for taking it on the chin that the world is ogling her husband’s junk.

‘I hope he [Fincher] had on a wide lens’ 

For anyone that doesn’t know the lingo, a wide lens means a wide shot. So she’s saying that her husband’s penis is so big that it needs a wide shot to fit it all in. She’s a cheeky one, isn’t she?

Ellen – ‘Is this the first time he’s gone full frontal in a movie?’

Garner – ‘Outside of our own…very racy films?’

Ahh – reverse psychology, ay? Dirty scoundrels.

You can watch the full clip in all it’s glory below.

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