Top 5 Most Awkward Sex Scenes You NEVER Want To See

We’ve all seen the above clip by now showing behind the scenes on an upcoming movie called Stretch. The clip, showing Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson chatting between steamy takes, shows just how awkward it can be to film sex scenes. However, they seem to do a pretty good job of acting natural when the camera role.

Sometimes the actors aren’t as good as Brooklyn and Patrick. Sometimes that awkwardness translates to screen. Here’s a rundown of the Top 5 most awkward sex scenes…

5. Gigli


It’s not clear what is more awkward, the sex scene in Gigli where the term ‘gobble gobble’ is used (and not as a joke), or the whole film itself. It’s notorious for being the death of not only Ben Affleck’s relationship with J-Lo, but also Ben Affleck’s career. (Atleast temporarily – read here about the Affleckissance).

4. Boogie Nights


Although this scene is played for laughs, the sheer amount of cringe factor that comes with William Macy’s character watching his wife have public sex is incredible. Boogie Nights is about the porn industry, so by the time this scene comes around you’ve already seen a lot of sex, but it still makes you wince. Well played, PTA.

3. The Matrix Reloaded


It’s never a good time to watch The Matrix Reloaded. Watch the first one, yes, in all it’s (still) fresh, ground-breaking glory. But not the second (or the third for that matter). However if you were going to watch it, it should only be to see how awkward Keanu Reeves is when acting sexual. Shudder.

2. Breaking Dawn

breaking dawn

It was built up and built up; the sexual tension of the Twilight saga. All the adolescents flocked to the cinema to see the two misfits finally get it on. Turns out it was an excruciatingly awkward and mercifully non-graphic affair with two actors who just knew they were ‘too old for this shit’.

1. Watchmen


The Watchmen movie is one of those films that some people love and some people hate. What normally isn’t argued, however, is how awkward the sex scene is. Typically it’s in slo-mo (because it’s the director of 300 so it has to be in slo-mo), and it has Leanord Cohen’s Hallelujah cooing in the background as the two superhero’s slowly hump each other. For quite a long time.

Is the list missing a sex scene just as if not more awkward? Do you agree with the choices? Share your thoughts @MovieMasticator!