Feminists – Read how Ghostbusters 3 is YOUR Unlikely New Ally


The picture above shows how director Paul Feig tweeted to announce he has signed up to helm Ghostbusters 3 alongside writer Katie Dippold. This then makes Ghostbusters 3 a reuniting of the Director and Writer of The Heat, a comedy about Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as detectives.

As the tweet hints, this can only mean one thing for the next installment. Female Ghostbusters!

Now Bill Murray, the heartbeat of the original, is definitely not doing it, what better than to create a whole new crew and update the franchise for the modern cinema-goer? The 1980s wasn’t a hugely discriminative era but it is clear that gender equality has only just begun to level out now, in 2014, and its important for Hollywood to reflect that in how they write and cast their major roles.

Who Feig is gonna call…Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig

It isn’t clear whether Feig and Dippold plan to make the whole crew female or just most of it, but one thing’s for sure – wherever Feig goes, female characters go, and wherever they both go – Melissa McCarthy goes. Yes, Melissa was the star of the show in Feig’s other hit Bridesmaids as well as The Heat, and so is sure to be pulling on those dull overalls very soon…

And maybe there’s a spot for the hilarious Kristen Wiig as well…

Either way, its refreshing to see a big tent-pole movie set out as a (probably wholly) female vehicle. Good job, Hollywood!

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