Top 5 Movies Based On TV Shows

Recently the press has had non-stop reports of TV shows making another movie spin off. I say non-stop – I mean three.

First there was Jennifer Hudson blurting out that a Sex and the City 3 may be in the works, then came the news that The Simpsons 2 will be coming our way, and to top it all off – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will star in a (belated) Baywatch movie!

This got the movie mind whirring. In the interest of optimism, what are the Top 5 success stories of Movies based on TV shows?

Well you’re in luck. They’re just down below…

5. Borat

Before Borat hit the big-time with the worldwide smash movie hit, actor and writer Sacha Baron Cohen had played him as a sketch character for quite a few years on British Television (see above video). The TV show was funny and the movie turned out no different. Side note – all this ironic ‘lets see people make a fool out of themselves trying not to be racist’ stuff nowadays? – Sacha Baron Cohen was way ahead of his time. He was doing that with Borat way back in the year 2000!

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Jason Segel and Amy Adams had a decent stab at a Muppet movie in 2011, but nothing can quite come close to the early stuff. The best example of the golden Muppet years is The Muppet Christmas Carol. Starring Michael Caine as Scrooge, the movie was a perfect blend of humour and emotion.

3. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

South Park used the be the ‘happening’ show for teenagers before Family Guy rolled up and stole the market from it and The Simpsons. Although it still airs even today, there’s no doubting its swansong was back in 1999 with the release of the spin-off movie. It damned school corridors across the globe to hearing Kenny quotes for years and years.

2. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Barring a few online ten-minute segments, it had been over ten years between the finale of I’m Alan Partridge on British Television before Alpha Papa drove into our screens (in a Lexus) to tickle us silly in 2013. The great thing about the movie (read the review here) is that it takes the character in another direction without losing the spirit of the original series. A-Ha!

1. Mission Impossible

Believe it or not, Mission: Impossible was a TV show way back in ‘the day’, and it was a lot different to the wall-scaling, guard-shooting, Tom-Cruise-y epic we are used to nowadays. Respect to Brian De Palma for adapting it to the big screen in the sleuthy original, but the real kudos goes to none other than JJ Abrams, director of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, who brought the franchise into the modern day with the scintillating Mission: Impossible 3. 

Is the list missing a moment just as if not more great? Do you agree with the choices? Share your thoughts @MovieMasticator!