Watch: New Brad Pitt war movie ‘Fury’ furiously pelts us with clips and featurettes

‘You think it can’t get worse, it can – and it will. The dying’s not done, the killing’s not done.’

…and neither is the massive promotional push. The above words are spoken by Brad Pitt in the trailer for Fury (see below). ‘Fury’ is a new war movie starring Pitt alongside Shia ‘where-the-hell-has-he-been’ LaBeouf. It’s being released this October 17th/19th/sometime (depending where you live), and you can tell that the distributors really want you to know that fact.

In quick succession recently came a featurette and two clips. Yes, I repeat – three clips in total. Take those with the trailer and you can clearly see they’re trying to get the masses on board, here.

Here’s the official trailer to get you clued up…

Now if you didn’t enjoy that then go look at something else. We’ve got an article about Ben Affleck’s nudity in Gone GirlThe Top 5 Shocking Moments of nudity in Movies, or even Why Steve Martin doesn’t deserve his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Still here? Ok.

The next clip shows Brad Pitt harassing some kid:

Still here? Ok then…

The next clip is of a tank fight (with a bit of a making-of thrown in just in case):

Fantastic! These three videos have saved me the price of a movie ticket, as I’ve essentially seen the whole film now.

I would post the last featurette full of more making-of delights and insights but I don’t want to force it in your face like some kind of Clockwork Orange brainwashing so I’d rather make my text go all highlighted like this so you can click on it and watch it IF YOU MUST.

So Fury is released later this month Directed by David Ayer, whose previous works include Training Day and End of Watch, so expect a lot of backslappin’ bro lovin’ in Fury, cos he’s the King of that stuff.