Secret on-set Star Wars pic shows us the terrifying consequences of leaking spoilers…

Star Wars Episode VII is a secretive affair. To prevent plot points and info leaking to our social media the set is locked down; nothing comes out and nothing goes in.

Oh – other than the odd movie-maker friend, you know…

Founder of Amblin Entertainment alongside Spielberg, Frank Marshall can probably talk his way into anywhere. Recently he did just that, managing to go on set of the new space-opera installment.

But he was a naughty boy. He managed to snap a pic of this poster hanging up at Pinewood (where the movie is being filmed), jokingly telling visitors not to leak information. 

Message firmly received.
Message firmly received.

The truth is, it’s not a joke at all. One imagines that if you leaked the plot of new new Star Wars movie, Harrison Ford would personally come to your home and mime slitting your throat with a ‘saber, making the noise and everything. Chilling.

Here’s the tweet that went with the image:

‘Excited to be here at Pinewood, but mum’s the word…’

It is indeed, Frank.