The Top 5 Most Shocking Moments of Movie Nudity

Recently the press has been rife with (potentially false) reports of Ben Affleck’s wiener in Gone Girl. Whether it’s your favourite celebrity baring all or a terrifying flash of body horror, the movies are jam-packed full of shocking moments of nudity. Here is the Movie Masticator Top 5!

5. The Shining

'Let's have a hug'
‘Let’s have a hug’

The enigma of Room 237 envelops much of Kubrick’s masterful The Shining. What is in there? What is the significance of it? All our questions are answered when Jack Nicholson’s character enters to find just your average terrifying naked rotting/old woman, made all the scarier by how at first she is a beautiful young lady… The scene still scares even today.

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

'Oh, please me show you my wiener again!'
‘Oh, please let me show you my wiener again!’

The stall is set out pretty early in this post-Knocked Up Frat comedy. Jason Segel, just a bit-part player promoted to lead in this so-so rom-com, doesn’t mess around in proving to us he means comedic business. The movie is barely ten minutes old before we are treated to a full frontal nude shot of him during the hilarious scene in which his girlfriend breaks up with him. Totally unexpected, totally shocking, totally hilarious.

3. Carrie

'Ah, jeez'
‘Ah, jeez’

Possibly one of the most famous moments of nudity in modern cinema, if not one of the most iconic images of cinema full stop, Carrie‘s blood-soaked shower scene will forever be carved in celluloid history. Even with our ultra-gory horrors of today it still manages to shock.

2. Antichrist

Big turn on.
Big turn on.

Antichrist as a movie is probably the definition of controversial. The director, Lars Von Trier, is notorious for aligning himself to Nazi-ism in an interview at Cannes, while his films are similarly notorious in their explicitness. Antichrist is the best (worst?) example of this. The movie is packed full of numerous counts of ultra-shocking nudity, either sexual or gory and sometimes both. Not one for the family on a Sunday night.

1. Borat

Now a major fancy-dress outfit.
Now available in any good (or not good) fancy dress store.

It seems like yesterday that we marveled at Borat and his personal assistant fighting around a posh hotel, naked – in the room, in the lobby, in the lift… While it lives long in the memory it can’t be forgotten how surprising it was when first seen on the big screen – Sacha Baron Cohen baring all for his art, as well as a beautiful show of rippling belly fat from his protege, Azamat.

Is the list missing a moment just as if not more shocking? Do you agree with the choices? Share your thoughts @MovieMasticator!