Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Want The Steve Jobs Job…

Leonardo DiCaprio has pulled out of the running to play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming bio-pic directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) and written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network).

The Wolf of Wall Street star has left a big hole in the production. Who could possibly fill his shoes? Christian Bale is being touted…

The bio-pic comes after a weak effort from Ashton Kutcher in Jobs in 2013. Pretty much the only thing that they got right was making Kutcher the spitting image of the man he was portraying.

Ashton Kutcher and a young Steve Jobs. Because why not.

This second effort from Sony comes with a lot of expectation due to the weight of the talent attached. Aaron Sorkin is a writer of supreme talent, known for his zippy, irresistible dialogue also heard in the long-running series’ The West Wing and Newsroom.  Along with Danny Boyle they could forge a formidable team. Danny is an auteur of a director, known to make energetic films of very high quality, most recently Trance, making the Jobs biopic an odd choice for him. No chases in this story, Danny! The thought of an actor of DiCaprio’s talent joining this duo is a tantalizing one but also one that is not to be.

Maybe he just didn’t believe in himself to better Ashton Kutcher. Or…maybe not.

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