Ben Affleck’s full-frontal nudity in Gone Girl – the lie exposed!

‘Batman shows us his toys!’ – every gossip column in the world

It’s been all over the news – It’s no secret anymore that Gone Girl reportedly shows Ben Affleck fully nude, including his little Mini-Me. Word has spread across the web as quick as, well, a story about a celebrities’ genitals.

But for those people who have seen Gone Girl, it is an entirely different story. Yes, there is a shower scene in the movie, and yes you do marginally see one of Ben’s newly hued puffy pecs. But no, as far as I could tell, there was no John Thomas to be found.

So why did he spread the story? He even commented saying it was ‘better in 3d!’. Is it to do with how the film is projected on screen? Was it just a hopeless publicity stunt that he hoped we would forget about come lights-down?

But the question is – am I wrong? Has anyone actually seen Ben Affleck’s penis in Gone Girl? Let the world know @MovieMasticator!

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